about loofka

the band (May 2002 session):

Artur Placzkiewicz - vocals, toys
Darek Kobylarz -drums, percussions
Tomek Malewicz - guitar
Janek Morgielewicz - bass
Bartek Kozminski - hand drums, percussions
Jacek Szatoba - hand drums, percussions
Zbigniew Tosiek Sasal - guitar
Adam Nikonowicz - didgeridoo, hand drums
Terry Doren - keyboards
Dennis Moratz - keyboards, flute, clarinet
DJ Chris - turntables

The diversely talented artists of Toronto-based Loofka create soundscapes that test the boundaries of conventional music genres. Relying on the spontaneity of instant composing, the band channels the energy of the group dynamic, experimenting with rhythm and tonal texture, evoking a wide spectrum of emotional experience and often venturing through uncharted regions of consciousness. The resulting compositions range in style from ambient to hardcore, defying classification but reflecting the band members’ eclectic roots in rock, punk, reggae, industrial and electronica. A piece will often build on a loosely conceived theme and explore its potential with escalating visceral intensity. Ultimately, the music Loofka generates has an elemental power that expresses intuitive, subconscious frequencies inducing trance and often triggering a cathartic experience in the listener. Loofka engages in studio recording and performs live shows. The band has also played for radio broadcasts and multi-media art exhibitions.

Lonny Harrison